Tuna Tour 1 23.05.-26.05.2020

Tuna Tour 2 27.07.-30.07.2020

Tuna Tour 3 31.07.-03.08.2020

Tuna Tour 4 28.08.-31.08.2020

Tuna Tour 5 02.09.-05.09.2020

All Inclusive Big Game Tour on 10,5 m yacht. In cooperation with the well known Big Game angler Michael Standor we go on a tuna hunt. A great experience for every angler! Fishing is 24 hours a day, we live, sleep and fish on our private yacht and catch a great variety of Mediterranean fish. Boat fishing includes blue fin tuna, swordfish,

Albacore, dolphinfish, spearfish and Dentex.

max.participants 4 persons

Price per person 2100 Euro

Fishing Guides: Michael Standor and Stefan Seuß