It has juice without end!

My name is Marco Rath and I am a passionate fisherman from Bavaria for over 15 years and since last year team fisherman at Black Cat. My hunting grounds are stretches of the Danube. The waters include heavily flowed sections, protected areas where the use of burners is prohibited and banks that are difficult to reach by car. Therefore, I was looking for a motor that is easy to transport, flexible to use and still has enough power to accompany me reliably on my short sessions.

The advantages of an electric boat motor are obvious. They are emission-free and ecologically sustainable and due to the almost silent drive, nature is not disturbed. I use the Rhino DX 55V in combination with a dinghy of 3.30 meters to lay out my mounts when waller fishing or to regulate the drift when vertical fishing. For my spontaneous short sessions and for trolling on the Danube, I am mostly on the move with my smaller inflatable boat.

Due to the excellent thrust of the 55lbs, it is no problem to reach the desired fishing spot or to keep the right speed for bait presentation when trolling, despite stronger currents. For me, the perfect all-rounder motor to accompany me reliably on my tours.

Technical data:

  • Weight 10 kilogram
  • telescopic tiller
  • Immersion depth infinitely variable
  • stepless speed regulation by PWM (pulse width modulation)
  • Vario Speed principle forwards as well as backwards stepless speed control
  • large info display with the most important operating states
  • USB port for charging lamps and smartphones
  • Protection function against overvoltage, short circuit or overload

Best regards, Marco Rath


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