Stainless steel rod holder - secure hold on any terrain

An indispensable piece of equipment for catfish fishing is always the rod holder. The demands placed on a rod holder are manifold and we wanted to meet this fact with our stainless steel rod holder.

"Black Cat stainless steel rod holder - The rod holder for life".

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat

The Black Cat rod holder, made of V2 stainless steel, is designed to give our catfish rod a secure hold on any surface. Whether in the pack on the Rhine, in the sand in Italy or in the clay in France. Due to the bulging and extra thick upper edge, we can drive the rod holder in with a hammer without any problems and the cup length is chosen in such a way that the rod does not fall back when biting.

Take a closer look and test the Black Cat stainless steel rod holder.

Good luck on the water!

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat


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