Tostedt. Andre Schmidt, Daniel Engl and Mark Bentum came 5th out of more than 200 participating teams in the largest online pike tournament held throughout Europe. The European Pike Masters, or EPM for short, is judged on the five largest pikes landed by each of the teams of a maximum of three. Fishing is permitted throughout Europe, and the use of both artificial and natural lures is allowed. The EPM consists of a six-week qualifying round with several groups and a two-day final. Quantum's sub-brand, Mr. Pike, not only sponsored the event for the second time this year, but also provided the team mentioned at the beginning.


Already in the qualification period from September to October, the Mr. Pike team, which focused on fishing with dead bait fish, stood out by submitting very large scoring fish as well as consistently excellent placings in the overall and group rankings. In the meantime, the deadbait anglers even took first place. Their entry into the final was more than a foregone conclusion. On the final weekend in November, the full card was also "in the bag" with several metre pike after just a few hours. The Mr. Pike team caught fish up to 115 centimetres long in the finals and thus secured an excellent 5th place.


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"Fish up to 115 centimetres in length were caught by the Mr Pike team in the final."

Frerk Petersen

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