The essential boat equipment

What do I take with me in my dinghy when I go on a catfish tour? It doesn't matter if I'm going for 1 week or just a short trip of 2 days, I always need exactly the same boat equipment.

"It doesn't matter how long I'm on the road!"

Sascha Böppler, Team Black Cat

Over the years I have put together a helpful package that I need for a catfish stalk. My helpful equipment includes the following

Tools : The Black Cat Accessory Keeper Pro bag is clearly in the running. I can store a lot of my tackle in the bag and always have everything ready to hand in the same place without having to search for it.

In this bag the following tackle finds its place: release pliers to unhook fish, scissors, bait, various ripcords, bend lights, stone rig line to tie stones, various jibs and diverters, a small box with small parts, such as swivels, quick hooks, rubber stoppers, etc. ...

Furthermore, I carry a bucket with all the tools, such as side cutters, folding saw, axe, boat mending kit, tools, small anchor, etc.

For me personally, I can't imagine life without the Black Cat Rope Keeper, in which I keep the Black Cat Weigh & Unhooking Mat and the new Black Cat Waterproof Glove.

Maybe one or the other can learn something from it ....

Best regards Sascha Böppler


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