Black Cat Mounting Cord

More than ever, conscious and sustainable action is becoming an important building block in the development of environmentally friendly and natural products. Anyone who also wants to stay ahead of the game when it comes to fishing in an environmentally friendly way is making an active contribution to environmental and climate protection, no matter how small - they are doing it for the love of nature!

For this reason, I have been using an absolutely natural product for some time now when wallfishing from Black Cat. The Stone Rig Line is an all-purpose line made of sisal, which is ideal for tying breakaway or sinker stones when wallfishing. The two millimetre thick natural material dissolves into its components as if by magic after a few days under water, leaving only the actual stone at the bottom of the water. In contrast to a simple sisal packing line from the DIY store, the Stone Rig Line from the specialised trade is completely evenly and robustly braided. It has no thinner areas in between. Anyone who has ever lost a breakaway stone prematurely because the binding cord had weak points will appreciate this small difference.

"Make it with Black Cat!"

Sascha Kral, Team Black Cat

When using Black Cat mounting line, I recommend that you store the unpacked spool in a one-litre ziplock bag. You can leave the end of the line sticking out of the zip to simply pull the required amount of line out of the bag. This protects the spool from getting wet and prevents it from unwinding unintentionally in the boat or bag. The zip closure keeps your Stone Rig Line dry and tangle-free even in bad weather.

For the sake of the environment, I've also come up with a solution for dealing with the break-off stones themselves: for some time now, I've only been using old paving stones, which I regularly procure from various second-hand market platforms. There is always someone who wants to give away their old paving stones for free in exchange for collection. Using these weights has several advantages. Firstly, it is simply forbidden to remove stones from the embankment. If controls are carried out, there is the threat of severe fines! Secondly: With always constant stone sizes, I can optimally adjust my breakaway line. Thirdly: When handling uniform stone shapes, I need significantly less stone rig line when knotting than with shapeless embankment stones.

In order to reuse my breakaway stones as often as possible, I do not knot the breakaway line directly into the swivel, but use the Black Cat Uni Clips here. Provided it has not been torn off by a bite. I then hook the swivel in and out of the swivel eye to the main line. This saves me having to re-tie the breakaway pegs. Changes start in the details and many small things can make a big difference. Hopefully you will be out of control during the next catfish raid and the Black Cat Stone Rig Line will not be missing.


Make it with Black Cat!
Sascha Kral, Team Black Cat

The Black Cat Stone Rig Line is a must for catfish predators!

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