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Tostedt. Last Sunday I could hardly believe my eyes: Our daily paper had actually opened with the headline "Herring season attracts the Petri disciples in droves. In Corona times, anglers keep their distance." This, mind you, not somewhere under "Miscellaneous", but on the front page - including a suitable picture. Yeah, why not? The start of spring is here! For us fishermen the most beautiful time of the year is just beginning. If it wasn't for the current Corona crisis... Undoubtedly a serious situation, a challenge for everyone.

We feel new limitations every day: Travel bans, demanded reduction of our social contacts, closure of retail stores, short-time work in many places - we all have to get used to the situation first. But fishing as such is not forbidden in principle, as a demand for network fishing from the ministries responsible for fisheries in the federal states showed ( Unlike in France, England or Belgium, for example, where - for reasons I cannot understand - it is currently not permitted. Counter-examples from the USA sound pleasantly different: in Oklahoma, where our parent company Zebco is located, all "insignificant businesses" have been closed down. Zebco was not one of them: In Oklahoma, as in most other states, fishing is considered a "vital activity" by the people. Provided that the people follow the guidelines for "social distancing". The government has even opened up parks, lakes and streams for fishing and recommends for the general well-being that people should go outside as long as they keep their distance.


"And above all, stay healthy!"

Frerk Petersen

Therefore, the same applies in this country: Go fishing! Fresh air is healthy, it ensures free lungs and strengthens our immune system! And I don't have to explain to anyone what effect the joy of a hobby and a great catch has on our soul. All this, of course, with respect for the circumstances. That means, maybe not sitting close together with your fishing friend, you can also be happy about a caught fish. Meanwhile we all deserve a little life.

Even if it doesn't work out with the Norway tour you might have hoped for at the moment and other fishing trips are not exactly in fashion - fishing on your doorstep can be so appealing and fulfilling. Enjoy the spring air with the rod in your hand! The Zebco Europe product developers are working as intensively as before to continue to inspire you with spectacular new products and catchy trends in the coming months as usual. Our media team is currently working flat out on our social media channels to entertain you with exciting videos, pictures and stories even off the water and to whet your appetite for the next tour.

I myself am looking forward to my first spring residence. Because my loyal and local dealer must unfortunately be closed, I will probably have to find an alternative to natural baits like maggots and dung worms. So I make a virtue out of necessity and simply reach for the corn can or knead - as in childhood days - my fishing dough according to my own recipe. Carp and tench will love it! And my dusty smoking oven finally gets the chance to gild my caught fish.

I wish you all the best in these not easy times, much joy in our common hobby and above all: stay healthy!

Yours Frerk Petersen, Managing Director Zebco Europe

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