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In principle, catfish guide Johann Troppacher is more likely to be found in more southerly climes; his main fishing ground is the Po in Italy. But every now and then he is also up to his mischief in local waters and comes dangerously close to the strong fighting catfish. That's what happened last summer! Johann was asked to spend several days guiding on the Danube. A short review recalls a great trip with the U-pose 'Tree' from Black Cat.

On its long course, the Danube takes on many different forms. Predominantly it presents itself as an almost stagnant body of water, but in places it is also a raging torrent. The protected floodplains and tributaries are a very viable habitat for fish of the genus Silurus Glanis. Every year, catfish over the two-metre mark are landed here. Johann was keen to "bag" one of these when he set off on his guiding tour.

"My motto: Get attention!"

Lukasz Szreter, Team Black Cat

He reports: "It wasn't going to be easy, that much was already certain. The high summer in Central Europe was in full swing. The temperatures on land and on water were quite high. In such conditions, the big fish lower their activity to a minimum. My motto: "Attract attention!" And how? Johann set the bait directly into the main channel of the river using a stone mount. He was sure that the sluggish fish were drifting there.

To trigger the passive catfish, Johann used the fluo-yellow and fluo-red, incredible 'Tree' U-pots as buoyancy devices. These have the shape of a fir tree and create seductive current eddies and additional turbulence, and that directly in front of the bait! And lo and behold: on the very first night two small Wallis were animated to bite! A great start for Johann. So the way was paved. The following night the catfish bells rang again and Johann was able to land a handsome Danube catfish with his guests. 2,30 meters, Hallelujah!

In Italy on the Po, Johann has already been able to outwit one or two wallers with the help of this unusual 'Tree' U-pose. The idiosyncratically shaped tools are not only there to wake up lethargic animals. Active and aggressive fish become just as attentive with so much fuss and snap at the supposed troublemaker. This U-pose can be used with dead bait fish, live bait fish as well as alternative baits as a buoyancy body. The U-Pose 'Tree' from Black Cat - Made in Germany.

If you don't have a "tree" yet, you can easily put this one in your pocket!
Wishing you a Merry Fishmas
Johann Troppacher
Team Black Cat

Wishing you a Merry Fishmas!

If you don't have a "tree" yet, you can easily put this one in your pocket!

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