When the water comes, we go!

Autumn fishing for big catfish has a special charm for me. Nature is slowly coming to rest and the morning fog lies ghostly over the water. Catfish are in feeding mode, filling their bellies for the winter. When the water rises, meadows and forests are flooded and the catfish usually go into a feeding frenzy.

The hot phase begins and the topwater fishing is now for me in the first place. For this I use the Black Cat Front Zone leads in 10 - 40 grams to limit the range of motion of the baitfish in conjunction with the Black Cat Mono in 1.2 mm.

The possibilities for a supposed top spot are then endless and the choice of place is like a poker game. Once you have found your spot and managed to keep the mount clean, it often does not take long until the first bite and an exciting drill through the wood and flotsam begins. If the drill is successful and the fish is in the boat, the catfish are usually extremely full and reach enormous sizes. As mentioned in the beginning it is one of the best times of the year for me to catch big catfish.
Many greetings,
Thomas Hallweger

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