Simple and fast - No problem with our bait clip!

The bait clip for almost any bait, whether worms, leeches, bait fish or calamari, with this clip you can securely attach your bait. Through the clip you get a better bait play on your mounts and thus a higher attraction under water. A free hanging bait on the hair provides a better hook effect in the catfish mouth. With the Baitclip you can also make a flexible bait change on the water, so you are always prepared for all situations.

As flexible as the bait change is, you can also choose your mounting variable. Whether the classic hair assembly or the combination leader, the Baitclip is universally applicable. The Baitclip is supplied in two different sizes (M & L) and is made of stainless steel, thus also rustproof. With the bait clip you can give free rein to your imagination in the presentation of bait and always try something new.

Take a look at the Baitclp and test it out.

Have fun on the water

Your Wolfgang Tittel, Team Black Cat


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