A review of a great event

A short, successful summary of the workshop at the fishing club 1954 e.V. in Coswig (Saxony) at the club lake Haudelteich. Bernd Bochatzsch from the Browning Team and organizer of the workshop, asked the Black Cat Team if we would like to teach beginners and young anglers how to fish for catfish. One phone call and we were immediately enthusiastic, because it was the first workshop for us and we wanted to help. Cuba, Lukasso, Manne and his wife Lysann who took care of the filming and the team was complete. On 01.09.22 we arrived in the early evening to talk with Bernd and some participants, to get information about the lake and to spend a comfortable evening. On 02.09.22 we had to get up early to prepare everything for the workshop, because at 10 o'clock the participants from the fishing club arrived. Finally the time had come and our nervousness increased more and more, after all it was the first time for us. We showed our participants stillwater mounts, river mounts and mounts for vertical fishing. Of course, we also tied and explained mounts together. Before it went to the water, all participants were equipped with T-shirts and Capy`s.

Since we were only given a permit by the association to set buoys and lay mounts, vertical fishing was unfortunately cancelled. In the evening, where all the rods lay and the cozy part came, Tony, one of the participants called across the lake. Manne and Kuba jumped into the boat and after a good drill, the start was made and a slim but fighting catfish of 1.72 cm lay on the mat. Madness what a prelude. The rest of the evening and the night went quietly. In the morning Bernd Bochatzsch unfortunately had a bad bite. On 03.09.22 the young anglers from the club came to the workshop and we started to answer questions, tie mounts together and distribute small gifts, because there is nothing better than to see shining children's eyes. As a small surprise and motivation, we organized a competition, where it was about tapping with the Wallerholz. In the early afternoon it was time again and the rods had to be relaid. This night went unfortunately nothing more, except for a misattack. On 04.09.22 the workshop was unfortunately over for us and we thank all participants and visitors.

Best regards

Cuba, Lukasso, Manne and Lysann


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