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Last summer, Black Cat Team Member Johann Troppacher, together with supporter Peter Klamminger, organized a catfish workshop at a small lake in southern Styria. The idyllic, natural waters of Helene Leicht, is mainly visited by carp anglers, but also the one or other capital catfish has its refuge here. The lake is about 7 hectares, on average 4 m deep, has a good water structure and also an island. For the workshop the northern part of the lake was used. The participants were mixed, some were beginners in the field and some had already hooked a catfish. First they met for a short theoretical introduction about the most important basics on the subject. Johann and Peter talked about equipment, tactics and procedures with different baits and bait presentations on different waters. After that they went on to practice. Together with the participants, various surface and stone mounts were placed and in addition, one or the other fishing rod was cast from the shore. During the day was diligently feedert and the knocking with the Wallerholz was practiced. Of course, all were really hot on the fact that the fishing rods bend. But the weather was also hot this weekend. With over 30 degrees on land and a water temperature of 28 degrees, the conditions for this workshop were unfortunately very difficult. A specimen of the species Silurs Glanis was finally persuaded to a short shore leave. The bite came in the morning on a dead-bait system with crucian carp, which was placed by means of stone mounting on a ledge that dropped from 3.5 m to 5 m. The fish was caught in the morning.


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