If you don't feel like tying new rigs all the time

You are a beginner in the field of catfishing? You are tired of constantly tying new rigs, or you just don't have the time? You don't want to buy so much small tackle or pack it for fishing? No problem! Black Cat now offers, believe it or not, 7 different ready tied rigs for catfishing! No matter if you want to fish on a standing or running water, no matter if you use dead or live bait, no matter if you want to lay out or cast. The Import Rig selection is guaranteed to have the right thing for every situation. You get top qualityat a good price-performance ratio, guaranteed 100 kg Wallergewicht proofed.

  • Micro U-Float Rig, with 2 U-Poses, strong buoyancy to lift the rig for example from stony ground
  • Freestyle Rig - for a surface mount with movable braid, provides a very natural bait presentation, with glow-in-the-dark lead.
  • Baitfish Tree Rig - Features the popular and successful Tree-U Pose, which creates extremely enticing water swirls.
  • Anti Tangle Rig - The optimal leader for casting, guaranteed without twists.
  • Worm River Rig - A current rig with propeller U-pose, micro U-pose and 2 trebles.
  • Silent Combi Rig - Includes a Darter U-Pose for discreet current channels, plus a single hook and treble hook.
  • Lightning rig, with indentations to mount one to two bending lights on the U-pose

Tip from Black Cat Team Member Johann Troppacher: Use the Lightning-Ring in the transitional seasons, spring and especially fall, to trigger the catfish with the light!


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