Little time is no excuse!

Time is of the essence, and when I'm in a hurry, plum fishing is a welcome change. I like to do this method when I have only 3 to 4 hours time. I only use one rod, the Solid Spin, in 2.70m length, it is perfect for this kind of fishing. My choice of location must be well thought out, it is best to look at everything in advance and study the underwater structure, so that no valuable fishing time is lost. When looking closely at the places I like to take an electronic tool to hand, a mobile echo sounder. With this I can wonderfully read the underwater structure and pick out prominent places, where later then the assembly should be placed.

"When I have little time, plum fishing comes into play for me".

Wolfgang Tittel, Team Black Cat

When "plum fishing" my assembly is no different than when sitting, the only difference, is the length. Here I use a length of 1.50 m to max 1.80 m and my lead I knot directly into the swivel with a 0.35 mm thick mono. Some like to use the Power Boom, which can move freely on the main line, I prefer to fix the lead but there everyone has his own preferences. In my variant with the tied lead is in a hanger only the lead as a loss and not the whole assembly. In addition, the fixed point ensures a better hooking effect, because the fish pulls the lead with. As an additional incentive, the flavor spray from Black Cat is used, which increases the prospect of success in the short fishing time.

You too can try this exciting fishery if you want to do it quickly.

Have fun on the water

Your Wolfgang Tittel, Team Black Cat


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