Knocking from the Battle Boat - pure adrenaline

The Battele Boat has the ultimate addictive potential that captivates everyone. So it has also caught me fully, so that I can no longer let go.

The fun factor is written here very large. Fun, fun, fun and so even small and medium fish are really fun on the light equipment. The time plays here really a minor role, because you lose them completely out of sight, so it is at least me. On my tour I also had the BC 2400 E-motor with me, which made it easier for me to cover longer distances. The small motor with its 24lbs of thrust, brought me forward quickly and I could cover a lot of distance. The Battle Boat is equipped with everything you need:

In addition to a bag for your Teckle, it comes with two, waterproof bags for battery, fishing papers and everything that must not get wet. In addition, there is a mirror for mounting the BC 2400 electric motor. The electric motor has a thrust of 24lbs and a remote control.

Try it out but beware addiction guaranteed.

Good luck on the water

Your Wolfgang Tittel, Team Black Cat


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