Night Vision Head Light - The reliable light source

Wallfishing without a reliable headlamp is unimaginable and that is exactly why it was a great concern for us to bring a practical and durable headlamp onto the market. Since we don't need the same light intensity in every situation, a modern lamp must have several, different light modes so that we can always work with the light we need. With the Black Cat Night Vision 1500, we have definitely achieved something really good.

"Black Cat Non Vision - Everything I expect from a modern headlamp!".

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat

In a nutshell, the Night Vision has all the features we need for night fishing. No more, but also no less. Size-adjustable, elastic headband, a lamp body that can be tilted by 45° and several light modes, in white and red. The brightest level in white mode is an impressive 150 lumens, which is definitely more than enough to illuminate the action at night.

A special feature of our Night Vision lamp is that it can be charged via a USB cable, which is included in the delivery. The cable inlet on the lamp is securely closed by a silicone cover, which prevents moisture from penetrating. The battery capacity is 1000mAH, so we have light for a long time.

Take a closer look at the Black Cat Night Vision headlamp and test it. You can find a product video directly below the article.

Good luck on the water!

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat


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