Breathe life into your dead baitfish

In many places, fishing with live bait fish is prohibited and we anglers have to make sure that we present the dead bait fish as naturally as possible in order to achieve a good bite. There are of course many different ways of preparing the bait, but in our opinion there is only one really effective way. We have developed our Dead Bait Puncher especially for this purpose. It breathes life into your dead bait fish in a very realistic way.

"Black Cat Dead Bait Puncher - Easy to use and super effective!"

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat

The Dead Bait Puncher consists of two parts (inner and outer part) and is completely made of high quality stainless steel. The non-slip EVA handle allows clean working and the sharp and bevelled tip of the outer part makes it easy to cut out the back fillet of our bait fish. The inner part is used to push the loosened fish fillet out of the outer part and also for inserting the supplied cork sticks into the bait fish, you push the inner part into the outer part and thus the cork sticks are easily pushed into the fish. With an inner diameter of 10 mm and a length of 40 cm, the Puncher is ideally suited for preparing the most common baitfish used for modern catfish fishing.

Take a closer look at the Black Cat Dead Bait Puncher and test it. You can find a product video directly below the article.

Good luck on the water!

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat


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