The most flexible fishing bag in the world - Black Cat Rope Keeper

A bag made of flexible mesh material and strong zip that forgives a lot on the water. Whether wet boots, waders, floats or outriggers, as well as any item that has become even slightly damp, can be dried in the Black Cat Rope Keeper without much clearing out. The whole thing happens all by itself!

The Rope Keeper is available in the size 22cm * 30 cm * 22 cm and in the PRO version in 35 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm.

I now use the Rope Keeper in both versions for almost everything, even in hard-to-reach places, and I don't have to worry about contamination such as sand, dirt and dust, or moisture.

Wash it off once in the water and it's ready for the next session.

For me, the Black Cat Rope Keeper has become indispensable!

You can also watch the corresponding video directly below the article.

Good luck on the water

Greetings from Uwe Geyer

"For me, the Black Cat Rope Keeper has become indispensable!"

Uwe Geyer, Team Black Cat


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