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Black Cat team angler Johann Troppacher has a new favourite tool for high water... The BC Catfish Pose with antenna and bending light adapter. This oval-shaped, yellow-black continuous pose is visible from afar, both during the day due to its colour and antenna, and at night with its bending light. In Italy on the Po, Johann prefers to fish with live baitfish, but he has also used it successfully in combination with a bundle of dewworms and with dead baitfish. It can be used for both standing and flowing waters and is available with a carrying capacity of 100g, 150g or 250g.

"All Black Cat poses are almost exclusively made in Germany!"

Johann Troppacher, Team Black Cat

In the following, Johann describes a possible variant of a surface mount with a float. He uses the following material: 1 Gripper Hook, 1 Double Ghost Hook, 1 140 g Inline Oval Lead, approx. 1.20 m Rubber Coated Leader, 1 ball bearing swivel, 1 catfish float. The choice of hooks is a matter of taste; trebles can also be used. Johann likes to use a combination of Gripper Hook as nose bait and Double Ghost Hook. This is how he achieves the optimum hook effect. This assembly can also be fished freeline, i.e. without a float, depending on your preference. The leader should be long enough so that a big catfish can easily suck in the bait. For this assembly he used a rubberised leader, but you can also fish it with a mono leader. Johann also recommends generally using strong materials for the assembly, as well as the main line, and a robust rod and reel, as there are many obstacles in the flooded areas that the material has to withstand in an emergency. The tied assembly is connected to the main line and fixed to a tree, branch or other object by means of an outrigger line and ripcord. The outrigger line is long enough to reach the spot. With the float he sets the desired depth, e.g. one metre, at which the bait fish should move and places it carefully. Now the top priority is - keep tension and stretch the fishing line at the spot until the main line is completely out of the water. Done! The described assembly assumes that fishing with live bait is permitted.

Also interesting: Waller fishing is extreme and the waller tackle is often exposed to extreme conditions. That's why Zebco focuses on the best quality for its customers and has the Black Cat lures produced almost exclusively in Germany.

Good luck on the water!

Johann Troppacher, Team Black Cat


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