With the Perfect Passion in green paradise

After picking up the Perfect Passion rod at our last meeting at Zebco, I was keen to test it out on the water as soon as possible. Although I was aware that the catfish spawning season was in full swing, I was drawn to the water. The plan was to spend a quick night on a small, shallow river, my little paradise.

"I was sceptical at first but the new rod definitely deserved a chance!"

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat

So in the late afternoon I set off for the small river. Narrow luggage, a small dinghy and a few baits, I even left the umbrella at home, because according to the weather forecast, rain was not to be expected.

I chose a safety spot, a spot that had brought me fish many times in the past at this stage of the year. Shallow water, lots of underwater plants and plenty of forage fish. When I took the dinghy through the shallow water to the spot, little fish and a few big chubs were hissing away everywhere, which of course made me feel good.

The spot was quickly set up and the plan was very simple. Because of the good current, the spot was ideal for U-pose fishing and because of my experience, I knew exactly where to put the rods. My rod setup for this session was, as already mentioned, a Passion Pro rod, with a length of 2.80 m, fitted with a Buster LH multi reel. My second combo was a Solid Bank rod and a Longranger Multi.

My 2 U-pose mounts, equipped with deadfloat, were quickly placed and I was of course very curious to see if, despite the difficult phase, a fish would do me the honour.

I was watching the sunset and the small insects enjoying themselves against the light when a slight ringing of the Hells Bells took me out of this scenario. The nice thing about deadbait fishing is when it rings, it's usually fish action. So I stayed focused but nothing continued to happen. Just as I turned my gaze once more to my little insect friends, the bell rang again and this time I had no time to think as the Passion rod slowly bent over and the buster released line under protest. BITE! I was quickly in the dinghy and over the fish and a short but quite tight drill ensued. The rod surprised me with its springy action and I didn't feel like I didn't know the material. In fact, it was more like I had drilled numerous fish with the combo, but it was the first time.

When the beautiful fish was in the boat and I saw the fish slime on the rod handle of the Passion, I thought, "now you are fished in! Of course, I had to get the rod out as soon as possible, because the fish seemed to want it. In the evening, however, nothing more happened and so I lay down in my sleeping bag around 11pm. It was nice and quiet and I breathed fresh, clear air.

In the middle of a deep sleep at about 3 o'clock in the night the clicker of the buster woke me up again and the second fish had to admit defeat to the Passion rod. AWESOME!

The morning after began with fog and only when the sun's rays became stronger did the warmth return. Satisfied and a little impressed, I drove back to my car around 9am and briefly reviewed the experience. The new rod combo had really done a good job and both fish came on the new material. Coincidence or not, for me it is definitely certain that this setup will also be used in the future, because it was really fun.

Many greetings, Sven

Passion Pro rod with Buster LH Multi - a fun combo!

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