Record catch by Wolfgang Tittel !!!

Our team angler Wolfgang Tittel managed to catch a dream catfish of 260 cm!

Wolfgang reports:

At the moment it is really difficult on the big river PO. The extremely low water and the heat did not make it easy for us in the last few days. Nevertheless, we were able to catch a dream walleye with a length of 260 cm. The mount was presented directly in the Tod Holz, where we assumed it was a potential stand.

The device:
- Solid Bank with a Long Ranger multi reel
Mounting :
- Hair rigging with a 10g EVA U-Pose and the Zeus Universal Leader in a thickness of 0.80mm.

The full impact of the fish jolted us out of our deep sleep and the fight was on. Thanks to the Zeus Universal Leader, we were able to manoeuvre the fish safely out of the dead wood into the open water and land it in the boat after a few metres of river. We were so happy that our cheers could be heard far across the river.

Greetings from the water your Wolfgang


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