Targeted spin fishing for catfish

Most catfish are caught here on the Neckar in spring and below the many weir levels when spinning. During this time of year, the Neckar Waller goes on the prowl two to three times a week and is therefore easy for us to fish for with a spinning rod. By the way, targeted fishing with artificial lures is all the rage in the entire Neckar Valley. Black Cat has several top artificial lures in its range especially for the active angler. A newly developed rubber lure is the Shad Worm, with a length of 17 cm and its outstanding running characteristics. This shad is ideal for fishing on the Neckar. The convex, fish skeleton-like body shape, with several soft rubber lamellae, imitates the swimming behaviour of a prey fish and for the optimal hook position there is a recess in the back area of the Shad Worm where you can easily mount the jig hook.

Many greetings,

Peter Merkel


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