The new stationary reel from Black Cat

Tostedt. Rarely has a test phase for a fishing reel lasted so long. Details were improved again and again until the series could finally be put into production. Stefan Seuß, Black Cat Brand Manager and field tester in charge, is thrilled: "This is a masterpiece that is unparalleled in the world of catfishing. The huge line capacity of 400 metres of a 0.55 millimetre braided line requires the highest stability of all components. Loads that weigh on such a large reel during hard drills do not allow any weak points. At the same time, all bandwidths of catfishing are completely covered with this huge amount of line. In fact, the reel has been developed for buoy and bottom fishing.

"A masterpiece has been created here, which is unparalleled in the world of catfishing!"

Stefan Seuß, Team Black Cat

For the first time, Black Cat uses an infinite backstop on this extremely large reel. Until now, this was impossible because the high rotor forces that occur were simply too great for conventional backstops. Now the Black Cat engineers have succeeded in developing an infinite backstop that has survived all tests without any problems. As an additional backup, the Catextreme also has a rotor lock system which, just like the backstop in the gearbox, is constantly engaged. With this system, a metal locking lever engages in one of the many locking pins built directly into the rotor wall. Double safety for the angler!

The beast achieves an incredible 27 kilograms of braking pressure, thanks to five carbon fibre brake discs in a disc pack under the pressure plate of the super-grippy, large brake knob. With such braking forces, a complete spool lock, as often desired by catfish anglers, is easily possible. The powerhouse of this reel is, of course, its gearbox. Stefan has deliberately chosen a gear ratio of 4.2:1. This ratio allows for the best possible engagement of the gear wheels, while still providing good line pull and pleasant smoothness. Higher gear ratios require more teeth on the gear rim and thus the contact surface of the intermeshing teeth is reduced, with the result that forces that occur are distributed over smaller contact surfaces and could thus lead to damage. The high-quality precision ball bearings are installed completely free of play in the completely torsion-free Dur aluminium housing, which protects the drive wheels against damage, even with very high crank loads that occur in extreme situations. Uncompromising and reliable, that is the claim of the Black Cat Catextreme Big Cat!

The Black Cat Catextreme Big Cat will be available from specialist retailers from the end of June. The recommended retail price is 199.95.


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