The dead bait fish - a success story!

Experience from previous years has shown that fishing with dead bait fish is particularly effective in spring, when the water is slowly getting warmer. That's why I wanted to go on a short session on the Rhine at the beginning of May, fishing exclusively with Deatfloat.

The water temperature on this Saturday afternoon was just under 20 degrees and there were breeding fish everywhere in the shallow water, which suggested that the white fish had already spawned and that the love game of our catfish was about to begin. That's why my choice of spot was quite easy, an outlet from a tributary, which is always particularly interesting when the fish gather before the spawning season.

"You only get confidence in a lure if you use it regularly".

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat

Short time frame, small luggage and two rods with deadfloat. Those were the general conditions for the session. The mild outside temperature and the weather forecast meant that I didn't need a tent, let's be honest. Who of us doesn't like to sleep under the open sky? Baiting for deadbait fishing is very simple. Food trout from the supermarket or from the nearby fish farmer are always my first choice. Once the small camp was set up, it was time to prepare my trout. Our stainless steel Deadbait Puncher is the perfect tool to prepare the dead bait fish in a short time so that it is floating and straight in the water. You simply cut the back fillet out of the bait fish and then fill the cavity with our matching cork sticks. I then combined the whole thing with a 10 g propeller upose and after a short time the mounts were ready to take their place on the bottom of the water. I presented one lure at the outlet of the tributary and the other rod upstream, close to the pack.

When the sun had set, we realised that it was not yet summer. The air cooled down quickly and it became very fresh. When I lay down in my sleeping bag at 10 p.m., nothing had happened yet, but the hope of a bite was there. The night went quietly and in fact it was as it often is. I was making coffee when suddenly the brake on the Buster Multi screamed out. It took me a little moment to realise what was happening but then I quickly switched to autopilot. The Passion rod set downstream was crooked in the rod holder and the fish was taking line quietly but steadily and that is always a good sign. I took the dinghy out to meet the fleeing fish and he was really into it. It pulled me out of the oxbow towards the channel. I don't know how long the game actually lasted, but at some point I had him in the boat and on the way back to the spot I realised that this was a really good fish.

At the end of the session, there was a bite, a super Deutschlandwaller and the confirmation that deadfloat works great in spring.

If you feel like it, you can also watch the little video on deadbait mounting, which you can find here directly below the article.

Many greetings, Sven

Deadbait, small effort, big effect!

The assembly video

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