Rig Wallet - Everything in its place

Everyone knows the mess in their fishing bag. Valuable items are sometimes completely disorganised and this leads to unnecessary clutter, especially with our mounts and leaders. With our Rig Wallet we bring order into your fishing bag.

"Black Cat Rig Wallet Pro - The order-loving space miracle".

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat

The Black Cat Rig Wallet Pro is made of a robust and weatherproof material and can be easily closed with a two-way zip. Inside, there are 5 compartments in each of two different sizes, which can also be closed by a zipper. The transparent outer skin of these inlays allows us to easily see what is inside the bag.

The Rig Wallet offers enough space for our leaders and in addition, mounting accessories such as leader spools, tubes and floats can also be safely stored.

Take a closer look and test the Black Cat Rig Wallet Pro.

Good luck on the water!

Sven Dombach, Team Black Cat


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