Tackle Keeper - Order is half the battle!

"I'm packing my suitcase and taking with me:" Do you remember the popular suitcase concentration game from childhood? It sounds familiar when I meticulously plan my next fishing trip today. Strong concentration is required here. What should I take with me? What must I not forget under any circumstances? Surprising situations could arise at the spot. I always have everything on hand for every eventuality and am happy to take a few extra grams. Better too much than too little. Missing fishing gear does not forgive mistakes. In the worst case, they lead to the cancellation of the tour.

"Black Cat Tackle Keeper - Everything's Fine"

Jakob Ristau, Team Black Cat

The minimalist naturally prefers to cut out ballast and supposedly unnecessary things, but for the trip to the water you don't just need the basics like rod, reel and line. A range of small items such as swivels, steel leaders, spinners, floats, lead, pliers, fish hooks and bait etc. complete the basic equipment and make it indispensable. So nice and wild and colourful. Here, an accurately processed checklist simplifies a lot. What happens next? Do you have everything professionally stowed away and quickly to hand, or does everything first go into a big bag and, like an octopus, you rummage around for far too long for the much sought-after utensil, losing time and nerves? Many anglers try to find methods to optimise themselves. I have found mine. According to the motto: "Tidiness is half the battle", I pack right away.

The clever box system from Black Cat has become indispensable for me when it comes to storing small materials. The Black Cat Keeper Boxes not only store everything quickly, they are also durable and protect bait and materials. The Tackle Keeper Boxes are available in different versions. For my favourite hooks in common sizes along with small items such as swivels, bait stoppers, leads and silicone tubes cut to length, I prefer the version with a length of 28 centimetres, a width of 17 centimetres and a height of 4 centimetres.

I like to use the higher Tackle Keeper with an identical base but 10 centimetres high for my Black Cat Battle Teaser, Black Cat Silent Teaser and the Black Cat Smelly Teaser. This box can hold up to 15 teasers without them getting tangled up in each other. As an added incentive, I treated myself to a "goodie": All these boxes fit so nicely and easily into the Black Cat Universal Bucket or also into the Black Cat Flex Carrier Box.

Dear Black Cat friends, at the next meeting by the water the answer is promptly obvious when you ask: "How are you, Jakob?" "Thank you, everything is fine!"

Have fun on the water and a happy Easter-Petri Heil wishes you...

Yours, Cuba (Jakob Ristau, Team Black Cat)


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