Black Cat Tree U-Pose

In recent years, Black Cat team angler Johann Troppacher has never missed an opportunity to immerse himself in the world of catfish for several months on the Po. He was able to celebrate many great successes in Italy. With grace and iron energy he always manages to put big fish on the line. How does he go about it?

"You have to move with the times..." is the catfish expert's answer. "Catfish definitely have a certain thinking ability or a very good cognitive faculty. They are true adaptation and survival artists when it comes to defying the most adverse conditions. They can change their behaviour at the drop of a hat and are very well prepared in case of emergency. By that I don't just mean adapting to certain environmental factors, but also to various fishing lures and fishing methods.

Compared to other seasoned "old hands" who have considerably more years under their belt on the river, he has been able to observe some significant changes in the animals' behaviour in a relatively short time: "I spent a lot of my early years on the delta. Fishing for large predatory fish there stands and falls with appropriate equipment. Behind a strong brand is a strong team and so I have always fished with Black Cat buoys, which hooked many a big catfish. A few years later, the classic buoy assembly only brought the desired success in combination with a long boom system. Another example: Just a few years ago, the combi-rig was my standard mount. Wherever possible, I used it and caught the "big ones". But even that was over at some point.

"You have to move with the times"

Johan Troppacher, Team Black Cat

Reports from the 90s still remind us that the catfish anglers of that time simply set out any bait on a random mount, usually right next to the motorboat, and didn't have to wait long until the first exceptional fish was caught. At the moment, I'm basically trying to go over the actual fishing spot with the dinghy as seldom as possible. The motto is: keep calm, avoid light and tie mounts neatly, etc. But the catfish has also evolved. It is clever if it does not get involved in every known bait presentation. Once this has become "old hat", the time should come to reorient oneself.

No sooner said than done! I am a convinced U-pod angler. For me, it's the most important and catchiest catfish fishing method on the river! The buoyancy of the U-pose places the lure one level higher and thus exerts a movement stimulus on the massive catfish. Depending on the season, water temperature and fishing location, the modern catfish angler should always have a choice "on hand": light and heavy, or eye-catching and inconspicuous models.

U-poses are already a dime a dozen and that's a good thing! A quote from Henry Ford says: "Everything can always be made better than it is." And that's exactly what Black Cat's Tree-U pose is based on. A real prime example, because its idiosyncratically shaped body creates the finest pressure waves and swirls underwater. The catfish is irritated until it cannot resist. The trap snaps shut - applause for Black Cat!"

In the spring months, when visibility in the big river is usually very clear, the gaudy Tree-U poses are a real eye-catcher for the urians. In summer, when water temperatures are very high, the sluggish animals are often triggered by the strong turbulence created by this U-pose. The autumn months, on the other hand, are characterised by periods of high water and strong temperature fluctuations. Then the catfish are sometimes in a feeding mood and sometimes not. But especially in autumn, Johann plays poker with the "Turbo-Tree" from Black Cat for "big guys".

"I don't know whether they fall for the colour or the shape. What matters is that the catfish are competing and you get the big ones... And that's what it's all about ;-)"

Johann is simply overjoyed with the Tree-U-Pose from Black Cat! Catfish anglers like it colourful and fancy... the catfish apparently do too!


Johann Troppacher, Team Black Cat

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