Black Beauty

Attractive fishing spots promise considerable catches. Overrun by success, these hotspots quickly become a kind of pilgrimage site. The number of anglers increases explosively, many bites quickly lead to a kind of gold-digger atmosphere. More and more are secretly hoping for great luck on the hook. But as the number of anglers increases, their success decreases just as rapidly.

Often these spots are cannibalised, the fishing pressure is too strong, the fish leave the danger zone and look for new feeding areas at their leisure. Usually, the obvious spots on a river such as harbour entrances, power plant outlets and sheet pile tips are targeted first by anglers. Inconspicuous success spots also quickly make the rounds by word of mouth. Supply creates its own demand, and so often the desired targets are not reached at all on the second fishing attempt.

That's why I leave these "party zones" and take the opportunity to explore my own fishing spots during the cold season, which I can then fish again at a warmer time of year. True to the Wild Cat`z motto: "Off the beaten track."

"Whisper quiet, robust, powerful and economical".

68lb thrust with only 12 volts voltage

The way is the goal! Fishing for catfish is not always easy. Small inflatable boats with electric outboard motors have become an indispensable part of fishing. Setting mounts, drilling fish, reaching inconspicuous locations or quickly changing places are my main focus. As an adventurer, filmmaker and fishing guide, I need to be able to rely on first-class equipment. The task of propulsion is routinely taken over by a Rhino electric outboard motor. The Rhino Renner is available in different versions and has been for 15 years. The classic for catfish fishing convinces with its particularly whisper-quiet, robust, powerful and very economical motor. I chose the Rhino DX 68V model (with 68lb thrust at only 12 volts).

I feed the "good piece" with a 40Ah battery and mount it on a small inflatable boat, which I transport pumped up in my pickup. With this combo, we can change places in a flash. Anton and I then roar across the water at a speed of eight kilometres per hour.

The Vario Speed principle of the Rhino DX 68V allows infinitely variable speed control both forwards and backwards, and I can also charge mobile phones or small batteries via a USB port. The tiller is extendable, the shaft is made of indestructible stainless steel. In the fashionable colour "black", the motor glides across the water. Rhino's "Black Beauty" - almost as beautiful as a black swan, or not more beautiful after all?

Stay Wild!

Peter Merkel
Team Black Cat

Rhino's "Black Beauty" - almost as beautiful as a black swan ...

... or not more beautiful after all?!