Freestyle - A dream of catfish rod

Black Cat team angler Johann Troppacher is an absolute freestyle fan: "A dream of a catfish rod - I'm particularly fond of it!" Johann has already landed countless catfish with the original model. This universal rod easily gives the smaller and medium-sized catfish a run for their money. But this all-round talent also scores points with the big freshwater predators with its special properties and can withstand any amount: It shows itself to be extremely flexible, easily builds up enormous pressure and is tough as nails in tricky situations.

The enormous populations of the famous freshwater predator are growing steadily. In the meantime, it is making its gigantic circles in more water systems than ever before. Johann Troppacher loves to try out the most diverse rivers and lakes. But even on his home Po in Italy, where he runs his catfish camp, he has to remain flexible: "Where and how I fish, I often decide quite spontaneously! I can't imagine fishing on the Po without freestyle. I can use it for a wide variety of techniques. Of course, the local conditions always play an important role. My experience and gut feeling are my golden guide."

Johann continues: "The Black Cat Freestyle is a household name for many anglers in the European catfish scene, and it has been my companion for years. But that's not all: this classic from Black Cat was relaunched some time ago, and four times over!

"Freestyle bench: new design but still unmistakable!"

Johan Troppacher, Team Black Cat

The Magnificent Four!

Freestyle Bank: New design but still unmistakable. This rod is, so to speak, the improved successor to the tried and tested original product. Almost any fishing tactic can be implemented with it. Whether shore or boat fishing, rock or pole mounting, river or lake, small or large target fish... With this versatile catfish rod, the catfish pioneer is well prepared and can respond to all challenges. The Freestyle Bank is therefore the perfect all-rounder, at least for the vast majority of fishing techniques.

However, there are very specific areas that place special demands on the rods. Black Cat has developed three special Freestyle models that are optimally thought out in terms of application and design. First of all, there is the Freestyle Spin: a catfish rod with a highly sensitive tip action. It conveys even the slightest twitch, every bite is immediately visible. With its very pronounced backbone, it has the necessary guts to take on even a big catfish.

The Freestyle Spin is optimal for any type of artificial lure presentation, both for fishing from the shore and for spinning or trolling from a boat or kayak.

The Freestyle Fireball V-Jig: This catfish rod acts like an extended arm of the angler when vertical fishing. Here, too, the sensitive transmission of every movement of the bait fish forms the foundation for catching catfish. You can feel immediately when a predator approaches and the angler can strike at lightning speed. A top product for river fishing as well as for active fishing on still waters.

Finally, the Freestyle Traveller: this reinterpreted catfish rod rounds off the Freestyle series perfectly. As the "little brother" of the Freestyle Bank, this four-piece covers all areas and techniques of modern catfishing. Outrageously good and practical in terms of transport length. It can easily be stowed in any luggage. Not only for air travel, but also an ideal companion on motorbike, kayak or hiking trips. For globetrotter Johann, it's just the right thing: "My next trip will probably be to the south of Africa. There I will drill my first catfish with exactly this rod!

Relevant design, technical know-how and the highest quality stand for the newly launched freestyle rod series. Fond of something new?

Black Cat - Welspower with a pinch of personality!

See you soon on the water!

Your Johann Troppacher, Team Black Cat

Tight Lines!

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