Things to know about the catfish

The well-known editor and fishing guide Benjamin Gründer has written his first book, the "Catfish Bible"! In it the Black Cat team and test angler brings in his rich experience from over ten years of guiding.

Want some examples? Not only the different components for assembly construction are examined, but also the construction of catching rigs themselves. Another important aspect of the Catfish Bible deals with "reading" the water and how to derive a fishing tactic from it. In addition, essential topics such as the nutritional basis of the target fish are covered, how to identify the locations of the fish during the seasons, how to understand the life cycles of catfish, and finally, how to incorporate this knowledge into your fishing.


Fishing tactics at first hand

The basics of whale fishing easily explained
Furthermore, the reader will find a lot of interesting information about the catfish: "What does the catfish eat? How much food does it need per day? Is it the all-eating monster in the club pond that devours dogs and teaches bathers to be afraid? All these questions are examined in the first volume of the Catfish Bible and answers from the hard practice are given. On 196 pages there is an incomparable collection of topics about modern catfish fishing.
The reader always finds important impulses for various frequently asked questions. Benjamin Gründer takes the reader with him and shows how to passively catch wallers or actively lure fish to the boat. No matter whether it is about the layout of the underwater pose montages, or about the correct fishing of large lakes - the reader finds practical advice on all these topics. A large section is also devoted to the "tools" for catfish fishing, such as boats, echo sounders or electric motors. Which boat does the angler need, which space allocation makes sense, which differences are there between the different boat classes, which motorization requires a boat.
No matter whether you already have experience in waller fishing or you are about to start your first tour, this book combines knowledge from more than ten years of guiding in the top spots in Europe and presents the basics of waller fishing in an easy to understand way to every angler!
Can be ordered at for 19.95 Euro including shipping within Germany, shipping after 30.11.2020.

Things to know about the catfish

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