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Catfish fishing is unbeatably trendy. There are many different catching strategies to seduce a weighty bearded catfish. My golden opening rule is the method of active catfish fishing. As an effective move I recommend to offer the bait directly in front of the mouth of the predator and to practice this I get into my fishing boat now. With this I move the catfish onto its "fur".

"Make it with Black Cat"

Toby Beeloo, Black Cat Team

Fishing method

The active fishing for catfish with Wallerholz and Teaser is very easy. A proven way of this method is to choose the right fishing spot and then "go into battle" with the appropriate "weapons". In order to be able to search for the catfish, a fishfinder is an indispensable tool, which not only indicates the depth at which the catfish is being fished, but also reveals the contact with the catfish in the underwater cinema.

When you have reached a possible location, attach a teaser to the end of the line and fill it with the worms. The Black Cat Teaser is equipped with a single hook and a triplet. On the triple hook you put three roundworms per hook tip and on the lower hook two roundworms. This lower hook serves only as a "fear hook", which makes it possible to outwit even carefully touching catfish. As soon as the teaser is covered with worms, your bet is on the table and the game can begin.

At the beginning there is always the question in which depth the bait should be presented best. It has proved to be a good idea to offer it initially one or two meters above the bottom. However, some catfish also migrate more shallowly: If you notice this on the fishfinder, it is advisable to react to it - i.e. to lead the teaser higher. Such active fish are also much more likely to take bait than catfish that are lazy on the bottom. If, however, no predator can be detected at the supposed entry point at all, it can be worthwhile to activate the waller wood and thus lure the target fish into the fishing area.

Get the Black Cat Teaser moving!

If you are fishing on a flowing water, you don't have to move the teaser, because the current already does that for you. To make the catfish perceive the teaser faster, a short jerk occasionally helps. When fishing in still waters the teaser itself does not move at all. Only the wriggling worms on the hook have their appearance. In order to bring a little more life into this area, the teaser should be moved from time to time. But be careful! Please do not exaggerate, ... it is not jigging.

As soon as the catfish rises to the teaser, it is important to hold it still and wait for a bite. Look out! These bites can often be very cold blooded. Do not strike directly, but wait a moment until the catfish has inhaled the worm bundle properly.

When is knocking allowed?

There are some debates about the use of the waller wood. I only use the knocking wood when the Fishfinder screen does not show a catfish, but my fishing instinct tells me to "stay here and try". But if you spot the catfish on the echo screen as soon as it arrives, the knocking is unnecessary and not at all desirable. Lowering the bait and presenting it above the fish is the best way to determine if it is in a feeding mood. However, if the target fish disappears from the screen, then you can very well use the waller wood. Five knocks is more than enough to lure the catfish back and make it curious about your seducer. As soon as the predator rises to the bait you don't have to use the catfish wood anymore, in the worst case this could even scare the catfish away.


Material package

Fishing rod

The active fishing for catfish with teasers can basically be done with any vertical catfish rod. I like to use the Black Cat Solid Fun with a length of 1.80 meters and a casting weight of 240 grams. But also the Black Cat Vertical or the Black Cat Fireball are great rods for this kind of fishing. When choosing a rod, it is important that it has a sensitive tip so that even careful bites can be registered. However, it must be equipped with a strong blank to set the hook and handle a big fish with ease.


Stationary roll or multiroll?

No large stationary reels or multi-reels are required to fish from the boat. A model with a line capacity of 150 meters is more than sufficient. Black Cat has several reels in its range that are ideal for this type of fishing.



As main line I use the Black Cat S line in a thickness of 0.42 millimetres. I advise everyone not to fish thinner than 0.40 millimetres. Nobody knows which underwater obstacles are blocking the way to the target fish. A thicker line not only gives you extra pull but also abrasion resistance. You don't want to lose a giant catfish because your line breaks...

There are many river strategies to lure a catfish to the hook. Today I was able to present a particularly successful one. With the teaser from Black Cat you can win a "Black Jack" in the game of predators - you already have the best stake for it.


Toby Beeloo, Black Cat Team
"Make it with Black Cat"

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