WCC 2020!

Tostedt. At the end of September the 4th World Crank Cup (WCC) took place in the Netherlands. Here, the best predatory fish anglers met on the river system of the Ouden Maas and Merwede to fight for the coveted title of World Champion in plugs in three days from the boat. Quantum entered the race with the two local predator fish professionals Hendry Vis (35) and Gerald Vierhout (27)!

For both of them the Cup actually started weeks before: They love to fish with plugs and spent the summer on the rivers of their home country for numerous days. A lot of training was put in to find the best places and biting windows for each of the different target fish species to be caught during the competition: pike, zander, perch and asp.

The first official fishing day began for Hendry with a really fat sea bass, but unfortunately it didn't count. After a few hours he was able to catch perch, zander and the very important asp. In the afternoon he got his pike, which gave him a "full card" and thus bonus points. Which at least meant second place in the ranking after the first day - a good start!

"They love to fish with plugs and spent the summer on the rivers of their homeland for many days."

Frerk Petersen, Black Cat

The second day went even better with a full card already after two and a half hours of fishing, so that he consolidated his second place in the overall standings. It was important to be in the right place at the right moment of the tide and to present the right plugs (= cranks), because the predators were more active at certain spots when the current was disturbing the food fish - and that's exactly where the plugs had to go! One hour too early meant no bite and therefore time management was a real challenge.

Then the last day of the WCC followed. But let's hear how Hendry experienced it himself: "In a field of participants with such experienced anglers the differences are small and so it was a very exciting last day. It started really well with two pike-perch in the first hour of fishing for a Mann's Loudmouth II plugs. Then I switched to perch and asp, but they were not as active as the days before. I finally caught my so important asp on a Mann's 8- minus plugs.

Around 12:00 I only needed one pike for the full card and the win. I changed places and drove 25 kilometres further down the river. Within 10 minutes I had a 48 mega perch at the new spot, again on a Mann's Loudmouth II. One cast later I had another zander, but the pike was still missing to keep the chance for the win. The tension was almost unbearable and the victory was within reach. Then finally I got the so important pike. But with only 64 centimetres he might have been too small to win with it.

An hour before the end I drove to a spot where I had lost a good pike on the first day. While fishing in the shallow water I suddenly get a massive bite in the pouring rain, but the fish gets free again pretty quickly. But only a few casts later there is a good bite again and it hung well! After a short and hard fight I landed a 88 centimetre long pike, the biggest esox of the day. This fish brought enough points to take first place on the last day of the championship and win the World Crank Cup 2020! Congratulations also to my team mate, Quantum team angler Gerald Vierhout, who finished fifth despite half a day less fishing.

I caught most of my zander with the combination of a Quantum Smoke S3 spinning rod (5-35 grams casting weight) and a 30 Smoke S3 stationary reel and 10 Smoke Braid. For perch and asp I mainly fished the medium US-Vapor spinning rod with the Smoke S3 reel and Fluorocarbon, and for pike I fished the heavier US-Vapor Baitcaster with 17er Smoke Braid. Most of the fish I fished with the Mann's Loudmouth II and the Mann's Baby 8- minus plugs in 'Real Shiner' with the orange belly."

The Quantum team congratulates the two such successful anglers!

Your Frerk Petersen

Tight Lines!

Some pictures of adventures on the water:

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