Commitment to the environment

Tostedt. Clearing the Baltic coast of garbage: The team from Zebco Europe and "Plastic in the basket" start their cooperation with a garbage collection day on the coast. The fishing tackle company, which operates throughout Europe, has been acting as a sponsor for the non-profit association since this year. The idea behind Plastic in the Basket was originally that fly fishermen collect rubbish in their line basket (= "basket") during and after fishing and thus help to clear the sea of rubbish.

Zebco Europe now wants to raise the profile of the association and extend its commitment to the environment to all groups of anglers. To this end, on 3 October 2020 it is organising a rubbish collection day along the entire German Baltic coast - from the Danish to the Polish border. With the participation of anglers, equipment dealers and clubs, the aim is to clear the coast of rubbish, encouraging tourists and locals to participate. The planned start is at 11:00 a.m. at numerous beaches and coastal sections along the Baltic Sea. The required, environmentally friendly garbage bags will be provided and will be available at participating fishing shops, tourist offices and camping sites. Those interested can find out more about the campaign on the Rhino brand social media channels of the Zebco company and at participating locations. The campaign will be advertised both via social media and via various local media in order to ultimately collect as much rubbish as possible. The collected waste will be disposed of by the local authorities.

"Anglers as Natural Protectors"

Robert Welter, Sales Manager Zebco Europe (left) and Christopher Heiland, 1st Chairman of "Plastic in the basket" seal the cooperation.

Many of the participating dealers invite the hard-working collectors to a local get-together at the end. Due to the current Corona situation, Zebco Europe and Plastic in the basket are merely hosting a virtual closing event. This will be a reworking of the Collectors' Day and the presentation of Zebco's new marine program under the Rhino brand.

Robert Welter, Sales Manager of Zebco Europe: "For us this day is a milestone: we want to actively support environmental protection as a company and underline that anglers are also nature conservationists! Christopher Heiland from Plastic in the Basket: "We are happy to have Zebco Europe as main sponsor. Our association is committed to ensuring that the coast will be plastic-free in the long term."


Plastic in the basket Germany e.V.

The initiative "plastic in the basket" actively promotes environmental protection on the Baltic Sea coast. The project was introduced by Nikolaj Korsholm in Denmark and due to its success there, Christopher Heiland has taken up the cause in Germany. The idea behind "plastic in the basket" comes from fly fishermen in Denmark: after fishing they collect plastic waste on the beach on their way home. They use their line basket for this. The project is now to be expanded even further by not only anglers but all beach visitors helping to clean up the beaches on their way home. If successful, the initiative will be extended to other waters in Germany.


Zebco Europe GmbH

Zebco Europe GmbH is one of the largest and most efficient fishing tackle manufacturers in Europe. With Zebco, Quantum, Rhino, Browning, Black Cat, Radical and Magic Trout, there are seven world brands under the umbrella of the company. Zebco Europe is represented by its own branches in England, France, Poland and Germany. The other European countries are supplied from the headquarters in Germany.