Black Cat Stone Rig Line

Hit sunk! My "laced package" for the estimated stone mounting on Wels anchors safely on the bottom of the water. With the Black Cat Stone Rig Line I was able to tie my stone perfectly and transport it to the desired fishing spot. This Rig Line is not just any line, but one that is particularly environmentally friendly. Because it is made of many natural sisal fibres, it dissolves completely in the water within a few days. The product is of course better because it does not leave any residues in the water and therefore does not pollute the environment. Catfish anglers, like all other anglers, are closely connected to nature and so a spool of such a sisal line should be part of every catfish equipment. Since lowering with stone mounting is part of modern catfish fishing today, I would like to show you in a small tutorial how I tie my stones.

"On the trail of the catfish with the right line!"

Lukasz Szreter, Team Black Cat

The first thing I do is cut a piece of the Black Cat Stone Rig Line that is about 1.0 to 1.20 meters long. Then I make a very simple loop knot on one side, as you can see on one of the pictures. On the following picture I then lay my stone on the rig line, pull one end of the sisal line through the loop and tighten it.


At the third and penultimate step I pull the string once under the wrapping already around the stone. Of course, please keep all this under tension, otherwise it will become too loose and you could possibly slip out of the stone when putting it down. Then there is the last step of my procedure: Unfortunately a bit difficult to see on the picture, but not so bad! Just tie a couple of normal household knots, attach the rip cord and then this last step is done.

This installation has proven to be very reliable. You now have the instructions step by step. With the stone assembly you are on the right way to the massive Waller - and that completely naturally!

Lukasz Szreter
Team Black Cat

Tight Lines!

Some pictures of adventures on the water:

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