May is still the best season to outwit capital pike. The spawning season is complete and Master Nimmersatt now attacks almost every lure. Which bite now satisfies the appetite of the hungry predators? On my special menu is the Yolo Pike Shad in 30 centimeters length by Quantum. In combination with the right jig you have the best XXL rubber bait assembly ever. But to mount the huge rubber slipper is a little challenge for the angler. Be brave: The following pictures show step by step how rubber fish and jig head come together.

Use your head
The most important, but also the most difficult part of baiting large rubber fish is fixing the lead weight. Where we can easily stick a jig head through the body of smaller versions of 12 centimetres, we already encounter resistance with big rubber fish. A good alternative are screw heads with integrated lead. Even better is the Quantum PelaJig Bait Head, the "bristle heads": Here the pike angler works with a jig head that has a rigid wire with enormously stiff bristles instead of hook legs and hook tip (see picture). I like to use this bristle head, which was actually developed for active fishing with dead bait fish. Somewhat misused, but the head still cuts a good figure. With soft rubber fish the head is easy to put in. If the rubber is a bit harder, I recommend piercing the hole with a needle. Once the puncture channel has been created, the bristle head sits perfectly in the rubber fish after a few seconds and will never come loose again unintentionally. When inserting the wire the bristles tilt against the direction of the puncture and act as a lock when pulled out. This mounting will withstand any powerful cast and any pike monster, no matter how big. However, if you pull hard enough by hand, you will get your head out of the rubber fish without any damage. So the "head" can be used for several Yolo Pike Shads at any time.

"No matter how powerful the throw, this montage will hold."

Moritz Schulz

Hook system - permanent holding power!
Also with the hook selection I am no longer at the usual standard! I only use the Claw Trebble Hook from Quantum. The bound hook system is fixed with the two spikes per hook, which can be easily pressed into the rubber. For the 30 cm Yolo Pike Shad the size 4/0 is perfect. To bind the hook system we need the following materials: a Quantum PelaJig Bait Head, two spring rings, two swivels, a piece of steel leader, two clamps and of course two Claw Treble Hooks.

With the shown XXL rubber bait assembly you present the thick May pike with a main course that is really something.

Your's Moritz Schulz, Quantum Team

Tight Lines!

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