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Waller fishing and live bait fish - yes, where they are allowed, they inevitably belong together. In order to be successful on catfish in the long run, the predator angler cannot avoid a corresponding selection of bait fish. If they first see the light of day after the catch, the right way of keeping them is the most important thing. In order to keep them fresh and lively in the long run, various landing nets and holding possibilities belong to my basic equipment.

I favour the Black Cat Range, which offers catfish anglers various types of nets in the portfolio. Each model has its own special field of application and is therefore an indispensable tool. Essentially I use the Bait Net, the Baitfish Tunnel and the rubberized set landing net.

Already during the bait procurement, the feeding, I use the Black Cat Bait Net to secure the hooked fish. The rubberized net avoids damaging the mucous membrane of the scale carriers and thus ensures that the caught baits reach the holding net as intact as possible.

"The announced demand for bait is therefore always in the Baitfish Tunnel, but the long-term bait supply is in the landing net. "

Sasha Kral

For the actual holding of my bait fish I use two different types of landing nets. Here I differentiate between short-term and long-term keeping. To keep my stock as long as possible crisp and fresh, I keep almost the whole amount of my bait fish in the rubberized landing net. The Black Cat landing net has a length of three meters and a ring diameter of 45 centimeters. The Köfis feel comfortable in it and have enough space. In the rubberized netting they stay undamaged for a long time.

It will be a well-rounded affair with the third in the group, the Black Cat Baitfish Tunnel. For the short term demand, i.e. for the coming fishing night, I need this relatively small rubberized landing net, in which enough bait fish find enough space. The sensational advantage: when a replacement bait is taken out, not all bait fish from the total stock are always disturbed at the same time. The large opening of the Baitfish Tunnel is closed by a rubber band. A wire spiral stabilizes the tunnel in still water as well as in the current.

The announced demand for bait is therefore always in the Baitfish Tunnel, but the long-term bait supply is in the landing net. For the upcoming fishing night the Baitfish Tunnel stock will be increased again and again, whereby the main stock will continue to be in the rubberized landing net without any impairment.

Correct holding with the right equipment is essential and the bait fish are well stored. Practical nets are like fresh-keeping cans that ensure that everything stays crisp and fresh. The desired target fish will not be long in coming.


Sascha Kral, Team Black Cat

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