Review of the year by Mitch Lakos

Black Cat Team France

After joining the Black Cat team last year, I was lucky to be successful in fishing with high quality products and a comprehensive range.

If I had to take stock of last season, I would say that it was a difficult year in terms of results. The severe water shortage meant that river levels and rivers were very low. This increases the fishing pressure on the area where I fish and which is very busy. The catfish is sceptical and often thwart the bait.

However, I have very good memories of especially two very large catfish, which exceed the size of 2.50 m. I would like to introduce you to the equipment I use for vertical fishing, which I have been practicing almost all year round: The Black Cat Vertical rod is my favourite, I like its specifications in every respect: powerful yet sensitive with a perfect length of 1.80 m. Matching the Battle Cat Spin FD reel, which is filled with an 8x S-Line braid of 0.45 mm. I have specialized in fishing with live baits with Cat Ball Rigs and also dead fish.

This last strategy brought me few quantitative results, but I was able to seduce the big catfish of the Rhône. Catfish is a fish that constantly challenges us. You need to know how to adapt your fishing and constantly change your strategy. The Black Cat range has proved its worth with the largest specimens of our rivers. The product development work with the team also allows me to grow personally and gain experience.

The only drawback is the presence and growth of professional fishing, which destroys our entire ecosystem in low heat, such as the legendary fish from the Rhône.

Enclosed are a few photos that illustrate my joy in this 2019 season with very good memories. There you will also find a

Mitch Lakos
Team France

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