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During my last trip to France, I didn't just intend to fish from the shore. The catfish spinning from the boat is becoming more and more spectacular and I also had the intention to put to sea. To make sure I could take on any catfish, I immediately bought a rod that I could easily handle. The rod is usually shorter when boat fishing than when shore fishing. With a length of 1.80 metres and a casting weight of 240 grams, the Black Cat Solid Fun is the ideal all-round rod and thus exemplary for active fishing from a boat. Whether you want to fish with a waller or vertically, this rod can do everything and nobody can stop it. As a suitable reel I chose the Fin-Nor Primal reel because I like right hand versions. No problem for the catfish angler who prefers a left-handed multi reel: as an alternative the Black Cat Vertical 710 LH is perfectly qualified for this.

"After about 10 to 15 minutes of drilling, the catfish ran out of breath"

Toby Beelo

After this short material etiquette now to the aforementioned fishing day: The shore fishing was not as successful as I had hoped. So I decided to leave the old familiar shore and go out on the water by boat. Everything went smoothly here. Once on the water, the first catfish immediately appeared on the sonar screen and the bait was brought down. Three times the waller wood knocked, then came the longed-for catfish bite. Immediately it came to the fight, which I had to master. After about 10 to 15 minutes of drilling time the first catfish of the tour ran out of breath. It can go that fast. Although it was not a giant, it was noticeable that this rod lived up to its name while drilling. The Black Cat Solid Fun has a nice parabolic action and more than enough horsepower to stand up to fish over two meters long, because even fish of this class landed safely on board during the tour.

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Toby Beeloo

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