The Micro U-Pose in Waller fishing

When it comes to waller fishing, two top spots come to mind spontaneously: Besides the Ebro in Spain, the Grande Fiume Po in Italy is the most popular. Nowhere else is there such a rich population of big fish as there. Already in the 1980s the first "crazy anglers" set out to confront the river monsters. This also heralded the age of modern sport fishing for catfish.

"Especially in clear water I was able to achieve very good catch results with the yellow and red micro U-poses."

John Troppacher

Of course it didn't take long and along the river the first camps and boat rentals settled here. Three decades later, these have long taken root along the Po's and a lot has happened, as the current fishing demand is enormous. Numerous providers of catfish adventures have established themselves and the local infrastructure is now very good. It is understandable that many would like to cut themselves a piece of this cake. This leaves its mark... In the past it was completely normal to simply hang the bait fish in the water next to the boat by means of buoys. In the meantime the waller angler has to make more effort, because the suspicious fishes can not be seduced so easily.

I myself have been fishing an area in the upper middle reaches of the Po for several years. There are only a few suppliers there, so the fishing pressure is comparatively lower than usual on the river. Nevertheless, the number of boats is increasing steadily and the gigantic robbers have already registered countless lures with it, are getting smarter and smarter and practice every day to salt the fisherman's soup thoroughly. In a relatively short time I could convince myself of this on the spot.

Until now I loved my combi-rig, tied with monofilament leader line, a triplet or ghost hook.

I have fished with it in almost every situation. However, since the beginning of this season I had to swallow a bitter pill. I noticed that my combi-rig no longer brought the desired success. Special circumstances this year, like the low water level and the extremely clear water, were devastating. An inconspicuous appearance had to be made, which at the same time held the strings in my hand. A skilful installation, therefore, which would be decisive for the success of the catch in the future. My hero: the Micro U-Pose!

My latest favorite system now looks like this: Hair mount with single hook, braided leader line and on top of that two micro U-poses of 1.5 or 3.5 grams each, depending on the size of the bait fish. Some of you might think that red or yellow U-poses are not inconspicuous after all? But that's not the point, because the principle is: "Conspicuously inconspicuous"! The inconspicuousness rather refers to the amount of material used at the mounting (therefore only single hooks!) and above all to the fact that the bait fish can move as naturally as possible in the water. This is achieved on the one hand with the soft braiding and on the other hand with the U-poses, which provide for a comparatively high buoyancy and at the same time low water turbulence on the leader. The colours finally act as a trigger for the wallers. Especially in clear water I was able to achieve very good catching results with the yellow and red micro U-poses. A touch of colour never hurts.


Johann Troppacher, Team Black Cat

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